Hệ thống xếp hạng đại học Việt Nam – UPM


Thông tin về Hệ thống xếp hạng đại học Việt Nam – University Performance Metrics (UPM)

Bài viết đăng lại từ địa chỉ http://upmetrics.org/docs/


  • UPM is the rating system, the development of which was funded by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, to assess the responsiveness of universities in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) era.

  • UPM is a suitable rating tool for universities in the region who aim to benchmark with the Asian top 100 universities. It evaluates university performance through 54 indicators across 8 categories, following two distinctive orientations: research and application. Evaluation results will be presented in the form of an overall score for the whole institution, and a score for each category, corresponding to a number of Stars ranging from 1 – 5.

  • UPM 5 stars universities have high national reputation and are internationally recognized; UPM 4 stars universities are well-known not only in the country but also in the region; UPM 3 stars universities have their roles in the national higher education (HE) system and can facilitate student mobility in ASEAN countries.


  • Traditional university ranking, rating systems just focus on traditional academic and human resource performance, in particular, on world/region top HE institutions.
  • In the era of 4IR, the world is changing rapidly with high uncertainty, broad connectivity and unlimited potentials.
  • Universities have new roles and responsibilities:

  • Benchmarking and assessing the quality of a university should be performed in a holistic and innovative way. UPM can satisfy that requirement as it reasonably integrates the main features of education accreditation with those of university ranking and rating, while especially focusing on the 5 core characteristics of higher education 4.0: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Student Mobility and Ethical Values.


  • As a data and analysis center, UPM facilitates benchmarking and provides consultancy for the national HE system, as well as HE institutions and programmes in the region.


  • – HE institutions can use UPM criteria to benchmark themselves or as a tool for strategic governance and partner development. They can also use benchmarking results for evidence-based branding.
  • – Students can be informed by UPM benchmarking results to choose their study destinations to pursue their study interests.
  • – Employers can recruit qualified human resources and make use of S&T achievements indicated by UPM benchmarking results.
  • – The government can use UPM benchmarking results as the basis for policy and decision making.


  • Visit the site http://upm.vn for full introduction and methodology; download the UPM dataset template. Fill in the dataset and submit the self-reported data for the institution as a whole to UPM at [email protected].
  • UPM team and their advisory committee will review and approve the data, then decide the score. A fact file is available for participant universities before official launching. All data are secured by the institution as well as UPM.
  • After assessing and awarding the stars, UPM can publish the institution’s profile and the results of the overall star and the score for each category on its website.
  • The detailed results of all indicators can also be publicized by the institution. The institutions can provide third parties with all the data released from a UPM dataset either in printed or digital forms.